Learn 12 Ways You Can Compete On Amazon

The contemporary economy has forced a lot of the workforce to get creative in how they come up with income. During the Great Recession, many who were bounced from the working ranks discovered that no jobs were left, and so they had to replace their income on their own. Others that have found employment in the growing years since learned that while job openings grew, income didn’t. So, to make more money, they had to work at home or pursue self-employment possibilities. Internet sites where you can sell things you own like Amazon and eBay begin to appeal to many.

EBay selling was all the rage for a while, but now fees eat up the thin profit margin, and sellers pay listing charges for each auction, even if items do not sell the first time, or ever. Many are now turning to Amazon for their store fronts, for many reasons. If you are trying to compete on Amazon with other sellers, keep reading for 12 ways you can accomplish success in selling through this e-commerce giant:

1) Get your stars up fast: Amazon buyers are willing to pay a little extra to buy from sellers that have high satisfaction and feedback ratings, especially if that feedback comes from dozens to hundreds of ratings. If you’re just starting out, try to find something that will sell fast and well, and use those shipments to generate good feedback, establishing a good reputation early.

2) Use FFA: Fulfillment by Amazon is a service where you ship your inventory to Amazon’s warehouses. For a monthly fee, they store all your product, handling pulling, packing, shipping, and handling when orders come in. This seriously simplifies your life as a seller, as you only have to focus on communications and product acquisition.

3) Set your smartphone up for scanning barcodes and ISBN numbers: Multiple apps exist that let you scan the UPC code or ISNB code of a book or item with your phone. It will tell you what that item sells for currently on Amazon, and then compute what you need to pay for it to make a profit after fees and shipping.

4) Think backward: Some older technologies abandoned by community retailers still have demand. VHS tapes, vinyl records, and even some camera accessories and cassette tapes have value. Just do your homework.

5) Clean out your closet: Go through closets, storage sheds, your garage, your basement, and your attic. You never know when you’ll find portion valuable you can sell. Visit garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales often to replenish inventory.

6) Automate your pricing: Use software to set your prices. There are packages out there that monitor the average price of an item across Amazon, and make sure you’re not overcharging or underpriced. Automate following the market values.

7) Monitor other sites regularly: Two sites you should keep an eye on regularly include eBay and Craigslist, depending on what you sell. Many people get rid of extra books, movies, and other media, by selling them as lots through eBay auctions. These are great ways to bulk up your inventory and then make money through volume over time. Craigslist also typically has a ‘freebies’ section where you can occasionally find items at no charge that might have resale value, where the current owner just does not have the time or inclination to do it themselves.

8) Include a note in each shipment: Every time a customer opens one of your packages, they should see a thank-you note. Ask them to let you know things showed up just fine through positive feedback, and invite them to browse your store for similar items or products. Now that they know they can order from you and get merchandise intact and promptly, they’re more likely to come to you than your competitors.

9) Handle returns without complaint: Depending on what you sell, handle returns and exchanges without fuss. Make things quick and easy for the customers, including full refunds when need be. Even a bad shipment can turn into a positive review, and one negative review can destroy a hundred good ones.

10) Do search engine optimization: If you have the resources, find an expert like www.ebbandflowdesigns.com/amazon-seo-expert and set up some websites that do product reviews, and make sure there are links to the listings you have on Amazon of those products. A well-written critique of a vintage video game might get someone to pay a lot more for it than they would have otherwise. At the very least, you can generate your traffic.

11) Turn off the lights: One little-known feature about running an Amazon store is that you can click it off when you want to shut things down. eBay listings are done individually and for set amounts of time, so scheduling a day off, much less a vacation, is a tremendous pain that you must look out for days and weeks in advance. An Amazon store can be turned off any time for as long as you like. This prevents you from failing to ship out orders promptly if you’re not home, which preserves your customer feedback ratings over competitors who might not be as informed.

12) Raise your prices: As mentioned earlier, Amazon shoppers don’t mind paying a little extra to buy from sellers that have great reputations and feedback. As your numbers go up, make sure your prices also rise so you can capture every penny and dollar.

When you are an active seller on Amazon, you are part of a large corner of Internet selling. Use these 12 techniques and tactics to get ahead of other sellers you are directly competing with on Amazon.

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